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Markéta Grimaux

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, 1972.

Markéta Grimaux

Among Marketa’s many interests is interior design and painting, and in the past 10 years, she has started to focus on Hyper Realism.

Hyper Realism

Hyper Realism involves scenes of such detail and accuracy that at first glance you can’t always tell a painting from a photograph. Unlike photo-realism, it doesn’t shy away from the artist’s influence. The artist projects his or her point of view and experiences onto the outside world.

Like many other movements, Hyper Realism was a revolt against abstract expressionism and minimalism, which many perceived as too abstract.

Hyperrealistic art is not surreal nor a distortion of reality but a highlight of reality. It depicts it in such a way that the exact scene may never really have existed. The style is precise and mechanical, focusing as much as possible on the mundane aspects of everyday life.

Marketa Grimaux’s images don’t require much interpretation. She wants to stress the technique of the painting and the beauty of the detail. It takes many hours of patient work to create such a precisely realistic image.

Motto: Marketa without ART is just “mkea”.